Mental Health

Break free from the relentless cycle of distress and uncertainty. With PonteVita Rx, you can rest assured your routine mental health prescription refill is handled with sensitivity and urgency every time.

Mental Health Prescription Refill

Making Your Recovery Accessible

Struggling with medication adherence because of limited access to timely mental health prescription refills?

Missing medication doses can lead to complications and challenges, including:

  • Symptom recurrence
  • Withdrawals
  • Heightened emotional distress
  • Impaired functioning
  • Hospitalization
  • Other unnecessary suffering

Don’t pause your progress.

PonteVita Rx recognizes the emotional and physical toll medication delays can take on your mental health journey.

Our experienced care team is dedicated to providing a stress-free mental health prescription refill process. We offer up to 1-year depression and/or anxiety medication refills to patients safely established on their mental health medicine(s).

Take charge of your mental health journey today. Get the peace of mind you deserve with a convenient telehealth anxiety/depression medication refill service.

If we cannot treat you, we do not charge you.

What You Can Expect

Competent Care on Your Terms

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Compassionate Service

At PonteVita Rx, we genuinely care about our patients. You can message our board-certified doctors anytime during your term of service and we’ll send your depression/anxiety medication refill anywhere in the country since we are licensed in all 50 states.

1-Year Refill

Don't let the hassle of monthly refills stand in the way of your mental wellness. Reclaim your time, skip the lines and effortlessly manage your condition with year-round anxiety and/or depression medication refills.

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Affordable Prescription Access

With PonteVita Rx, you can receive anxiety/depression medication refills for as little as $10 per month. By tackling cost barriers head-on, we’re giving you the support you need to sustain your treatment and work toward recovery.

If we cannot treat you, we do not charge you.

Next Steps

Start on a new path to better mental health in three easy steps:

With Doctor
Your Refill

Are You Eligible for a Mental Health Prescription Refill?

PonteVita Rx does not replace your psychiatrist and primary physician. Additionally, not all conditions are suitable for 1-year depression/anxiety medication refill.

You may receive our mental health prescription refill if you:

  • Are safely established and stable on your mental health medication(s) for at least one year
  • See your primary care doctor as your health requires it for annual physicals, blood work and recommended screening tests
  • Are not trying to refill controlled medications like ritalin, xanax, ativan, vyvanse, valium, etc.

Hear From Our Happy Patients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PonteVita Rx's online prescription refill service is designed for patients stable on routine medications. However, it's essential to recognize that not all prescriptions or conditions are suitable for 1-year refills, as some medications may necessitate regular monitoring and adjustments by healthcare providers.

We’re With You – Every Pill, Every Refill

At PonteVita Rx, we aim to alleviate your worries, allowing you to focus on healing and self-discovery. Start your journey to a healthier, happier you today!

If we cannot treat you, we do not charge you.